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I bought a second UK Insight.

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Some of you noticed I bought a second UK spec Insight on e-bay the other day for the wife.

I had been so impressed with the first blue one I bought in December, I had been looking for another ever since.

The new vivid yellow one seems fine. 2002 reg, 66,000 miles. Paid £6200

Needs valeting thoroughly as last owner was a smoker, but it's not too bad.

On the journey back 210 motorway miles I reset the A trips on both vehicles, (We had gone down in our other Insight)

With the wife driving the our blue one for the first time! and me driving the new yellow one, both vehicles managed a very healthy mpg.

Blue 82.9mpg IMA Battery nearly full.

Yellow 81.8mpg IMA Battery was low, and forced recharge for first 20 miles :( That's my excuse and I'm sticking too it!

Speed 60-70mph. Weather fine 8C

Just got to sell the Corsa now.

Regards to all.
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