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I got one :-)

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I'm now the owner (or part-owner, until the bank gets the rest of the money) of a red 2000 Honda Insight, 5-speed. I drove it from the lot Friday and averaged 62.5 miles a gallon on the trip back home. Impressive, and I haven't even learned all the tricks there is to driving it.

I got really lucky on this deal. The car had just 15,000 miles on it, and it was listed for $9,900. Near as I could tell (and an inspection by a nearby Honda dealership concurred), it was in pristine condition, and the CarFax report was spotless. I found out later the used-car dealer bought out some inventory of another dealership that was going out of business. The Insight was part of the big buyout, and they got it for a ridiculously low price. This lot from which I bought the car also sells all its inventory for less than $10,000 a unit -- Insights included.

The dealer also is a small operation with not much overhead, so the deal didn't have a lot of fees or all that other junk.

I got the Kelley Blue Book trade-in value for my aged Saturn, and now I have an Insight for barely $200 a month.

Thanks for everyone on this forum for helping out during my search. I saw the battery power on the Insight seemed to be a bit low, so I tried that "lights-on" trick you discussed a few days ago. It worked like a charm.
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Me Too!

I just picked up my 2001 CVT insight with 3500 miles (a dealer demo, similar buy out story) for $13500. I was ready to pay about $10,000 for a used one with 30 - 45 k. Gotta love it!
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