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I have the worst luck with Nails!! (tire question)

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My rear tire under the skirt of my car got a nail or something caught in it. So the tire is basically useless. My question is do I go on a search for the orginal tire or buy two new ones to but on the back.

I talked to the firestone dealer and he said if he can find one it would be close to $100 to put it on.

I really like goodyear tires anyways any suggestions?
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$100 !!?!! for mount and balance. FORGET IT! (And _never go back!)

AFAIK in TN the going price is $8 - $10 ea mounted and computer balanced.

I ordered my OEM tires from

Bridgstone RE92 165/65-14

Listed @ $49.00 ea + shipping & installation ... tenza+RE92

You can use other tires usually with a 5-8 MPG highway penalty, but a smoother ride!

HTH! :)
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