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Going by numbers, Honda would have cancelled the NSX years ago. But it's a benchmark in it's own right. (As is the Insight) And it's still being built after a major facelift and nearly 15 !! years of production.
The same will happen to the Insight. And they need the Insight to keep the average fuel-consumption down 8)

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most i have to contribute is that for the insight we ordered,
via john holtz honda in rochester, ny, we were told something
similar to there's a manufacturing suspension on them.

my salesmen placed the order on around feb.11, and so it went
out probably with the march orders. sometime around the 2nd
or 3rd week in march, honda called them and said something
similar to: "we're suspending indefinately construction on the
insights; but we have this one which was just in the "to be built
for stock" lot that you can have instead:" and offered him that.

unfort, the one they offered has A/C and i want no A/C, so turned
them down. we ( dealer and i ) did a few searches on the honda
locatacar thing, found a silver'04 5spd,noA/C in CA and one in OH.

had him call honda a few more times between then and last monday
to try to milk and answer out of them whether or not i am going
to be getting the insight we put an order in for. he was unable
to get a straight answer out of them, and so we're carting up the
one from OH.

i didn't want to take one from OH or CA because to me that means
that if there was one of "me" down there too, some other guy, i'd
be stealing his potential car -- but that's O/T...

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jrrs said:
we were told something
similar to there's a manufacturing suspension on them.
Yeah. Honda has finished producing Insights for 2004. If you check the forum archives I think you will find a link to this posting on about the build out.

As the linked article notes, this neither confirms nor denies the rumor of "no more Insights, ever." It just means "we've built all we will build until next year."

Hi All:

___After hearing Jrr’s story, that about seals the Insight’s fate … I sure in the heck am not going to wait 20 years to call mine a classic. Let’s just all agree that we own a Classic right here and now :D

___On a more practical note, are replacement parts going to be soon hard to come by as well? How about Bridgestone RE92’s? Does anyone know of an automobile in Europe or Asia that possibly uses them?

___Thanks in advance.

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:2pq18tey][email protected][/email:2pq18tey]
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