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I Just "Ordered" a 2006 Insight Or 2006 HCH ???

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:?: :arrow: Well heres the answer everyone.

I chose the 06 HCH Honda over the 06 Insight because Honda did not see fit for what ever reason to upgrade anything on the 06 Insight.

After reading for a year and test driving the 05 Insight W/Manual Trans. & A/C. It seems to me that the new HCH for 2006 is the way to go if you want the latest IMA 4th Gen. and ICE along with the latest battery pack. Revised CVT for 2006 on HCH.

Options like Nav. and X/M Satellite Radio and the list goes on, to bad that Honda does not see fit to use any of the new items on the Insight, I guess (Opinion-Here) that Honda only sells a very few Insights and the market for a two seater 1st Gen. Hybrid is so small that they are not going to waste there resources on it. Instead they are putting their resources and money where the market is, which in this case is the HCH like the Toyota Prius.

I'll miss posting with all of you but if you need me i'll be over at on the HCH Forum, come see me. 8)



BTW; heres Pics of the HCH I ordered (Opal-Silver-Blue) W/ Nav. & X/M Satellite Radio if your interested:
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