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I really need to know what's wrong....

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My SRS (secondary restraint system) idiot light is on. I had it checked and the code is DTC 1-2. The dealer told me it says something about a resistance measurement, in the book, but even they couldn't tell me what's wrong. They went on to say that it isn't serious so I've been driving it like that for a few months now. I just don't feel very good practising my speech that it is the "secondary restraint system is active and ready" indicator. :?

If anyone can tell me what needs replacing, how hard it is and the cost, I'd really like to remedy this.

Thanks guys and gals.

Dan in Florida
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dfiore said:
Can you point me in the right direction to get started on this since I have never taken it apart and I don't know what to measure and where. - Thanks.
Way beyond beginner skill level. As Yves stated the "boom" factor.

_ANY_ "measurements" on the SRS system _REQUIRES_ a good understanding of electricity and the consequences of doing something "wrong".

The light being on means a fault has been detected and the air bag _may_ NOT correctly inflate in case of an accident.

HTH! :)
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