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I really need to know what's wrong....

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My SRS (secondary restraint system) idiot light is on. I had it checked and the code is DTC 1-2. The dealer told me it says something about a resistance measurement, in the book, but even they couldn't tell me what's wrong. They went on to say that it isn't serious so I've been driving it like that for a few months now. I just don't feel very good practising my speech that it is the "secondary restraint system is active and ready" indicator. :?

If anyone can tell me what needs replacing, how hard it is and the cost, I'd really like to remedy this.

Thanks guys and gals.

Dan in Florida
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My SRS became lit when the local body shop was doing some work on my car near my seatbelts. Although there was no problem with the SRS system itself, because it was lit, the car had to be taken to a Honda Dealer to reset it. It cost ~$80 to have the light reset. (The body shop paid for the reset.)

I was uneasy drving around with it lit, even though I was pretty sure nothing was wrong.

I'll be interested see other people's feedback as to whether they've experienced problems and how they solved it.
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