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I saw an Insight at.....

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A thread for Insight spotters. From time to time we see Insights when we least expect them. I thought perhaps a thread full of only these encounters would be fun.. I'll start:

I saw an Insight in Fort Benton Montana Monday June 26th about 11 am. Folks, Fort Benton is a small, small town on the Missouri River. I was there to take a canoe trip down the river. I'm all ready to go when I see a silver Insight...WITH TEXAS PLATES. So I'm walking down the street in my PFD trying to catch the Insight, lol they read a little about Lewis and Clark and pulled away. Just about the last place I ever thought I would see an Insight.
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Friday, 11 May 2018, heading North on I-75 in Kentucky. I was driving my black G2 when I came across this Insight.

It was an American model 5MT. Plates are from Kentucky.

Got this shot from my right mirror!!
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I saw a Silver G1 going south on TN-109 in Tennessee yesterday morning around 6am
Spotted a red Insight crossing in front of me just shy of 5pm, Northbound on Spring Creek at Parker Road, Plano... Only a few minutes after spotting a parked red on a side street on the east side of Los Rios, just before Parker Road. Because of elapsed time and distance, no way it was the same car... So, two reds inside of five minutes? Blown. Away... :grin:
Spotted an insight at the beginning of Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why.
yesterday at 4 pm I was next to a silver-gray Gen 1 on the Middle Belt exit ramp of East bound I-96 in Metro Detroit
Chesterton, IN and Ann Arbor, MI "KOAST"

Made a round-trip to Detroit from Chicago yesterday in my truck and spotted a silver gen1 heading west on I-94 about 5:30AM near Chesterton, IN. On the return ride to Chicago spotted another silver gen1 with license plate, "KOAST" heading west on I-94 around Ann Arbor early afternoon. Maybe same guy who was spotted on I-96 by Minor?
on a bicycle ride today (5/28/18) I saw Silver G1 headed in other direction, near Garden road. it was headed from Wheat road on Delsea drive (route 47) here in Vineland, Southern NJ.

would like to meet, share G1 stories!
Yeah I see other first gens sometimes but never meet the owners. And I don't recall anybody in my area contributing to this thread, maybe they aren't on the forum.
Finally I Saw a G1 on the Freeway!

Friday 8:00 PM Heading out of Knoxville towards Nashville. I followed him until he took Exit 350 Harriman, TN. He was going up and down hills at a very good rate of speed. Not hypermiling at all. I wasn't driving mine and was able to keep up. Wonder if he is a member.


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I actually haven't seen another Insight since last October. Used to see them around Charles Town, WV and on Route 7 in VA
I spy with my little eye...

Had one pass me this morning in Northern Ohio, Route 20, headed east near Elyria. Citrus. Ohio plate starting with H. 2 passengers, windows down, enjoying the morning air. Returned a thumb's up from me with a raised coffee mug. They got off at the RT 83 exit and I continued east.

The first Citrus I've ever seen in the wild and I think everyone's correct: Citrus *is* the best color for these little cars!
The first Citrus I've ever seen in the wild and I think everyone's correct: Citrus *is* the best color for these little cars!
I spotted one in Tennessee going East on 40 (just outside of Nashville) yesterday. I was in mine, but I doubt they saw me - we were both in our respective slow lanes.
A Citrus in Hickory, TN

Spotted a nice 2000 Insight on June 25th on I40E just out side of Hickory TN. It has been a long time since a Citrus one has come into our view. We were traveling in our Chevy Volt on this trip so the flash of our lights probably meant nothing.
saw silver g1 with both rear tire sleeve - covers removed. It had 3 "sport" fog lights on front fender. Lots of junk inside, but on the road.
It was in Home Depot parking lot, Millville NJ, 6 PM.

A sighting...!
Saw one Friday in Garibaldi, OR. It was silver. I tooted the horn but do not know if he saw or heard me. It was nice to see the Doppelganger.
Saturday 21 July 2018:
Silver G1 at the QuikTrip on Lawrenceville Hwy a mile or so east of I-285 in Tucker Ga. I didn't get a chance to talk to the owner, he was a white guy with gray hair. I was there in my G2 getting ethanol-free gas, but he was filling at one of the regular pumps.

Sunday 22 July 2018:
Red G1 heading west on E Ponce de Leon near Valley Brook Rd in Scottdale, Ga. I was again in my black G2, heading in opposite direction. I waved but I don't think the driver saw. They had a passenger, but I didn't get a good look at the occupants.
Westbound silver at the I480 West / I271 South split, somewhere south of Cleveland, Ohio, about 5 or 6pm five days ago (we were coming back from Nova Scotia, my watch may or may not have been adjusted)... :D
Never over here - I have seen a Citrus a time or two in my area but nothing in months.

Makes me unique I suppose - I removed my rear stickers so I always see people on the highway bending their neck trying to see what emblem is on the hood :)

I need to take it off and put a hood ornament of some sort :cool:

I need to take it off and put a hood ornament of some sort :cool:
Mack Truck bulldog.
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