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I saw an Insight at.....

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A thread for Insight spotters. From time to time we see Insights when we least expect them. I thought perhaps a thread full of only these encounters would be fun.. I'll start:

I saw an Insight in Fort Benton Montana Monday June 26th about 11 am. Folks, Fort Benton is a small, small town on the Missouri River. I was there to take a canoe trip down the river. I'm all ready to go when I see a silver Insight...WITH TEXAS PLATES. So I'm walking down the street in my PFD trying to catch the Insight, lol they read a little about Lewis and Clark and pulled away. Just about the last place I ever thought I would see an Insight.
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Saw another G1. Red one at the DOT office parking lot by the Megler bridge in Astoria, OR. I pulled up alongside the guy, rolled down the passenger window and asked where he was from. We had a very short and choppy conversation. Then he saw what I was driving and we became buddies. Jim from Portland with a good looking woman in the passenger seat.
Went to CA and back last week, ~5000 mile round trip. Saw 4 subaru bajas, no insights. :(
Mack Truck bulldog.
Better be streamlinin' that Dawg!
Spotted another G1 for the first time since buying mine 4 months ago. It was silver and I think a CVT driving through a neighborhood in North Miami Beach, FL. I wasn't able to talk to the driver but it had some sort of FL vanity plate. I was driving my truck so they wouldn't have noticed me.

I want to say this is the first one I've seen in years other than mine, of course I doubt I was paying as much attention to them before I bought mine.
spotted a silver G1 in Arkansas.


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Today I saw this car around noon on I-285 north of Atlanta, heading east. American-model Monte-Carlo Blue CVT with Kentucky plates. Didn't get a good look at the driver. Passenger side skirt was coming off. I was driving my black G2 so I didn't try to wave or anything.
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Saw a silver G1 in BFE, walking dead GA territory. He honked and waved but by the time I realized what I was seeing all I could do was flail a hand at the window.
May be the same guy who chatted with me in the Kroger lot a few weeks ago? Oh well...
Saw a red one yesterday in Indiana around Ft. Wayne with deep dark tint. I was in opposite direction in a red one too. What the odds?
Is this you, hh442? Spotted this red car a couple of weeks ago headed toward Hess Road on Jarretsville Pike.

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Insight with vertical stripes on rear hatch. Going west bound on 134 around 6:40pm today.


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Silver G1 I80 toward SFO 13th Sept ~4pm

I was crawling along in traffic (in my rental 5.7L Hemi v8 :cool:) heading to SFO airport, on the I80 near the Oakland bridge, glanced to the right and was delighted to see a silver G1 Insight on the road running parallel to the freeway. Looked like a youngish guy driving.

Short while later, it comes barging onto the freeway, driving like a complete twunt, rapidly chopping between lanes, diving in front of others, tailgating, no indicator use etc... before diving across several lanes at the last minute to head left towards San Jose.

:!:You're giving us all a bad name, man! Oh, and you need to clean your headlights as they're all cloudy :D
Saw a red 2000 G1 at a gas station on Broad Street in Chattanooga, TN. Owner (Kristi) was unable to get car to start... no surprise (to us) that it was bad ground straps, but it was certainly a surprise to her when I pulled out a 10 mm wrench and two brand spanking new straps and swapped them right in front of her ;).

After we got her car running, I noticed her IMA and CEL were lit, so I grabbed the OBDIIC&C and found:
-P0420: car already had new O2 sensors, so I recommended anti-fouler.
-P1648: checked for blown fuses, but all looked good. Unable to continue debug on the side of the road.
-P1259: VTEC sensor was plugged in, so didn't troubleshoot further.


I'm pretty sure she thought I was crazy.
Good on you, Mudder!

Note to self, hope the car breaks in Chattanooga!?
...the intersection of Parker and Alma, in Plano, Texas, at the 7-11 on the corner, minutes after noon today: A silver, with a guy adding air to his tires. Won't mean anything to him, but I was the eastbound guy that went "beep beep" at you and your car, driving the A8... :D
Aerial Americac- New England S7 Ep9 (6/26/16)

About 30 minutes into this episode. Whose Red G1 is that in New Hampshire?


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I saw a Citrus gen1 on I-684 the other day, the licence plate said BE GREEN
Yesterday around 6PM Eastern as I was driving home from the 2018 East Coast Fall Meet on I-81 in Virginia as I headed south I saw a silver G1 Insight headed North around mile marker either 230 or 240, I forget which. I was at a great distance from them and could not make out any other details other than that from my angle every thing looked stock.
I saw a silver G1 in front of me on route 40 leaving Woodstown NJ. They bared right before Sunoco, I stayed on rt 40 past Cowtown, headed to Deepwater/Pennsgrove.

It's been about a year since last sighting. A rare find in South Jersey!
Saw a Citrus going North out of Crystal River, FL today...

Of course, I had two kids with me, so I was in a van...

(Plus, my Citrus is currently not operational... maybe get it working this weekend... or next...)
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