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I have read quite a few post about the IMA light turning on. I just bought my 2000 Insight used, it has just about 80K miles on it. I had the local dealer check it out prior to buying the vehicle. It all checked out OK. I drive 75 miles one way to work. I drive mainly in slow flow traffic. Not to much stop and go. It has been around 40F degrees in the AM and around 45F degrees in the PM drive home.

Today I was getting low on gas and the IMA light turns on. I didn't know what it was so I thought that maybe filling the tank with gas may help. I don't have an owners manual. Well of course that didn't help. I read some post when I got to work and see that the IMA light has to do with the IMA batteries and system. Mainly with the recalibration of the system. The first question I have is what simple things can I do to try and correct the problem? Change the 12 volt battery? Reset the light? Or do I have a bigger problem? Thanks for any help

Tonight on the drive home I will check the light again and check to see what the charge and assist indicators do. I will report tomorrow.


Hi Commuter:

___What I would do is get my digital camera out, take a pic of the cluster w/ IMA light intact and with your FCD showing the odometer in case it disappears before you get it to the dealership. They should then replace the pack. An IMA light means you will be receiving a new pack in every case I have ever read about.

___Given it was E-Bayed just recently, I can bet it was causing problems for the previous owner. I would look at this as a blessing in disguise. A new pack on Honda’s dime (you are below the 8/80) is about the best thing you could wish for at this point in time.

Warranty Information
Hybrid Battery Pack: 8 years / 80,000 miles
___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:2njbntip][email protected][/email:2njbntip]

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