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ICE, Navigation & Dashcam - Too much?

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Good day people. I need some opinions and/or advice please.

I'm considering getting a 2-din ICE that includes navigation. Some of the Japanese spec cars came optioned with a 2-din unit and I've seen some UK cars with them installed too.

I also want to install a permanent dash cam.

My question is, will these put too much strain on the battery? I'm not technically inclined, and much of what I've read sadly goes over my head.

Thanks in advance
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those things are rather low amps, so they won't tax the battery nearly as much as exterior lights, fans and defroster do.

now if you added big speakers and an amp, that's a different story.
+1. I have a 2 DIN Pioneer head unit in my wife's CVT. It has Nav and a backup camera. No effect at all on the 12V system.

same, with a 7" touch display, though i have both front and rear cams. none of which really draws much juice aside from the head unit, and that's mostly to power the speakers.
Does anyone have any pictures of a double din installed, I have been thinking about this lately but don't see how one would fit.

you probably wouldn't like my install, since it's a flip up and covers the a/c control panel. a flip down screen would be more ideal in the insight, and i have seen them before but they are a bit harder to find.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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