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I have a need to fit long objects like surfboards sometimes in my insight and have thought about just sticking it out of the back with the hatch open. I saw aero civic's boat tail with a storage area and was thinking that if there was a rear-ended insight that could have the vertical glass/aluminum portions of the hatch/chassis on the back cut off and extended into a permanent boat tail, it could improve both useability and mileage. Ideally it would have these requirements
  1. the deck in the boat tail would be levelled, with a removable insert to access an under-storage area that connects to the spare tire well.
  2. Clear window on top of boat tail for visibility
  3. Tail lights moved back to end of boat tail, which should taper to a sharp finish
  4. Hatch should still be able to open
  5. Waterproofed
  6. Ideally paint matched and seamless construction
My other vehicle is a pickup truck if that shows in what I'm thinking haha.

This idea was also inspired by watching @100percentjake's video on his rear ended insight. That would be the perfect candidate and I wish I could find something similar near me to try to do this on.

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Mine has no storage and isn’t nearly as elaborate as what you’re talking about. It replaces the rear bumper and tail lights. It blocks the small window of the hatch. None of the car’s structure is modified. It is constructed of wood and foam then covered with fiberglass. It was built by 3-Wheeler and he did a very detailed thread on Ecomodder.
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