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If I were the CEO of Honda

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...since Honda is a leader in hybrid technology, I'm possibly a bit arrogant. They already plan to offer hybrid engines in their entire line over the next few years.

What I'd do is to market the hybrid engine as the ultimate high-performance machine. Most of us are more concerned with better fuel economy, but the general public seems to care more about power. I would get a hybrid Pilot as the SUV offering. There were rumors the S2000 would have a 400-horsepower hybrid power plant.

I would bring back the CRX in the same original three versions: (1) the pocket rocket CRX Si, (2) the fuel mizer CRX HF, (3) the regular CRX with intermediate performance. It would be a little larger than the Insight so fold-back rear seats would be an option (like the Insight 2 concept). The engine would have an inline four-to-two cylinder with IMA. Three versions from the same basic body would make it more profitable for Honda to make an ultra fuel efficient car by also offering a pocket rocket version as well.

I'd do a video commericial with the accent on hybrid performance. I'm thinking of Darude's video Feel The Beat only with a hybrid. The music matches it perfectly.
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Hi Delta_Flyer:

___I was looking at Honda’s financials last week and even though they made a few billion this year, it is a rather small company in comparison to Toyota or the Big 2.5. I just don’t know if they have the resources for all that you have hoped/wished for …

___I do however wish the Accord I4 was VCM’ed with the V6’s IMA to act as a balance shaft (ala. Insight). Since the std. I4 is capable of 50 + mpg already, a VCM’ed IMA I4 has to be good for at least 60 - 65 out on the highway. Maybe even the 2.2 iCDTi w/ IMA ;) The reason I am partial to the Accord is its safety cage and equipment. The Accord weighs > 3,000 #’s with front, side, and curtain air bags and receives an almost perfect 5-star IIHS rating all around (depending on Coupe or Sedan) which says volumes about its crash worthiness. That and Power all around including leather w/ heated seats, and NAVI make it the right car to hybridize imho. That is if they can bring the prices down somewhat given a new 2004 PZEV EX-L w/ NAVI can be found for $22,500 right now. The estimated $30 - 32K price for the V6 w/ or w/out NAVI is the wrong price and the wrong car given its emissions and rather paltry fuel economy imho …

___Another consideration is the Jazz/Fit/City/Aria w/ a Honda designed 1.0 - 1.3 L iCDTi and tall gearing like that included in our hybrids. A few aero tricks to bring the Cd down to a respectable .26 - .28 and you have a legitimate 75 mpg highway automobile with 0 - 60 performance in the 10 - 11 second range. Its interior capacity in some respects makes the Civic sedan look small by comparison already. All Honda’s are supposedly going to be surround air bag equipped for the 2006 MY (05 will be the last year for the Insight :(). I know they have test beds that we will never see but all of us here can put 2 and 2 together and see exactly what Honda can pull off the shelf to create the perfect automobile for our needs.

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:3b25yxjk][email protected][/email:3b25yxjk]

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While Toyota is larger, last I checked Honda is the #4 automaker in the US. I may be dreaming, but it's doable.
Keep the Insight body, Stick the Civic hybrid engine in it and call it a CRX II. Sharing the engine with the Civic would reduce inventory costs and boost the performance of the Insight/CRX.

Xcel I fear that you are right and hope you are wrong about the 2005 Insight. On the bright side, the 2005 will probably be highly collectable because of their rarity and being the last year. :D

It's been a great run for the Insight, and the perfect car for my needs. I believe it is the first time that thousands of people have been able to buy and own a futuristic concept show car, at a very reasonable price!
I'd like to see a cigar-shaped car using Insight technology. It would have half the width & half the frontal area thereby reducing energy wasted pushing through air.

It would be 3 seats for the typical 3-person family, which could be folded down for carrying groceries.

The engine would be ~30 horsepower & Estimated MPG would be well over 150. It would be the perfect commuter car.
If I were the CEO... Well, next time Congress debates fuel efficiency standards, and the US automakers whine about them being unrealistic... I'd just love to step up and say "So, guys, you can't meet this average? For us, it's a minimum: every car we make does better. Neener, neener, neener :)"
I would as an option allow diesel engines to be put in all Honda cars.

My VW Golf TDI can get 45+mpg...
Along the lines of a cigar, maybe a super efficient motorcyle type design that is enclosed with a bit more space for bags and things. Something that has the fun of a motorcycle but the convenience of a car for driving in the rain and snow and a little safety thrown in as well.

I wonder why no one has ever done that?

The Fartwo thing apparently is reinforced so it bounces around in an accident rather than just totally crushing the occupant(s).

Perhaps the motorcyle cigar vehicle would be the same, so that if you wrecked rather than you falling off the saddle and then getting rubbed on the asphalt and run over by the cars behind you would instead be safely protected in your air bag cushioned cigar tube and just bounce up out of the accident zone inside your tube thing as a unit. Kind of like the mars landers, but with you inside.

Outside airbags might be too dangerous, so you would have to rely on everything inside the cockpit.
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