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If your having battery problems

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Hi everyone, I just thought I might post this in a more visable place. If you are having battery problems of any kind, more specifically recalibrations more and more often you will want to check out the recent posts on Yahoo group Honda-Hybrid.

Check back a month or two, there has been some very serious discussion about mass contacting Honda with complaints of how dangerous a sudden loss of IMA is as well as contacting the NHTSA in the hopes of getting something done. There has even been talk about taking legal action if necessary.
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Battery Problems

Recals are more common in "stick shifts" because the CVT models are designed to normally stay in the 3000 rpm range. (Someone with a CVT correct me if I am wrong.) I can force a "recal" by using a lot of assist at low rpm for an extended time in my 5 speed Insight. 4th and 5th gear are designed as an overdrive. If I was going to redesign the transmisison in the Insight, I would make it a "close ratio" 4 speed with a 5th gear as an overdrive. Sacrifice a little mileage but keep the engine in the power band and the IMA battery charged up. (Just my opinion)...........Willie*
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