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I'm Back... (BlueInsight1701 is now BlueInsight1595)

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Hello fellow Insighters,

Some of you might remember me... I stopped posting about a year ago when my last car (2001 #1701) was hit by a driver of a large SUV (ironic isn't it?). After parting with my beloved Insight I did a stupid thing and bought a Toyota 4Runner... I know... an SUV... do forgive me because I did sell it after 8 months. In the meantime I finally bought a car that I have always wanted... a 2002 S2000 (even in the screaming Spa Yellow Pearl color). I purchased it as a toy car and man it is fun!!!! Anyway, back to why I am back.... my parents have decided to do some car trading (and for those of you that can remember back... them and I both had blue Insights)... I have now ended-up with their car... 2001 #1595. This fall they are parting with their Toyota 4Runner to make room for a Lexus RX400h (yes, the HYBRID!!!!). They still have their 1997 S-10 Electric (still getting lots of looks in traffic and 70 miles on a charge).

For those wondering... what did I do with all the stuff form my last car? Well, the leather interior ended-up in my parents car so I now have it back (and after 23000 mi. of use the seats still look as good as when I recovered them). And most of the other stuff is around here somewhere (rear wiper plug, HID headlights (bulbs and ballasts), etc...).

Anyway, enough for now... I look forward to being back involved in this community again! For those interested, here is a photo of both of my Honda's (both built in the same plant):

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No. 166 said:
It always makes me jealous to see other Insights without the (useless) front license-plate and a nice blue sky when it's grey and dull over here...... :shock:
Yep,fact,true...... I think to immigrate to a sunshine state :?

But hey it looks verry nice !!! welcom.
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