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Hi Guys,
Worked abroad for 3 months and left my 03 manual insight in storage.
One week of perfect driving and this morning get 10 minutes down the road and engine light came on battery discharged and then 1 min later one came on and battery 3/4 charged.

No way battery charges that quick!

Any advice, I was going to switch off battery at main switch for half hour see if it reset?

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Very common IMA battery badly out of balance due to storage.
3 months is a bad length of storage time. :(
Cells will be all over the place.

You need a grid charger really to recover it properly. (A cycler is even better)

If you don't use one you risk damaging the battery and it dying quickly as you abuse the out of balance cells.

Sadly the car does not have the capability of recovering properly on it's own.

Time for a trip to Hull if you don't have a charger already..
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