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IMA ac voltage output, and possible charging system modifications

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Hey guys, I am carefully considering getting rid of the entire hybrid battery pack and electronics components out of my insight and using the IMA motor as a "Permanent Magnet Alternator", however I was unsure how to design the rectification and regulation circuits of if off the shelf components would work as I do not currently know what the AC output is from our IMA motors at idle and redline. Has anyone measured the voltage output before? if so, please share!
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I think your might be on the wrong track with the motorcycle regulator thingy.

The IMA motor puts out between 50-320V DC when rectified and smoothed.
So prob about 40-250v AC or so..

The alternator thread mentioned also shows a method which uses the stock IMA motor, a meanwell power supply and the 3 phase rectifier, which which when combined with the ecm fooler gets rid of all the heavy stuff in the back..

I suggest for simplicity put your solution in the back and use the oem wires available.
That way you can always put the ima stuff back in again easily later..
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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