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I have a red 2001 with 56k miles and a 55mpg LMPG. 3 weeks ago I had the battery drain to one bar on 2 seperate days after climbing a half mile hill. I drive the same route every day and never drain the battery to even half. I may have been driving harder than usual but it seemed odd that it drained that far. Not sure if this was a recal or simply overuse of the battery at that time. Anyhow, it was fine for the next 2 weeks with no incident.

Last Thursday on my way to work I looked down at my dash and noticed my IMA and Check Engine lights were on (and were not on minutes earlier). I stopped the car and turned it off to see if a restart would reset it. It started with the backup starter for the first time since I bought the car (at 47k miles). It seemed to struggle a little starting up and my aftermarket temperature gauge/voltmeter showed that I had 11.7V of juice. The IMA light and CEL stayed on and now the E-Brake and Battery lights were also lit. For the rest of my trip the IMA and CEL stayed on and the ebrake and battery light would come on and go off based on how hard I was accelerating. It seemed to go out when I was going easy or coasting and come on when I was climbing a hill.

At first I thought it had to be the 12v battery as it was the original battery. I stopped at the auto parts store and bought a new Civic battery. The car still started with the backup starter and the IMA and other lights stayed on.

I then drove to the nearest Honda dealer, I79 Honda in Mt Morris, Pa. They didn't want to even look at the car but I was able to convince the service writer to at least hook up the OBD scanner to see what codes it was throwing. He told me it would be $56 an hour to to diagnose it. He told me that he had never seen an IMA failure and it was probably not going to be covered under warranty. They took the car into their garage and looked at it for about an hour. The service writer came and got me and told me they couldn't figure out what was wrong and I would need to schedule an appointment to get it fixed. He then told me it would be at least 2 weeks and I was better off calling another dealer.

I called the Honda dealer closest to my house, about 30 miles from this dealer, Superior Honda in Uniontown, Pa. They were very nice and told me I could bring it in Friday morning.

The service writer called me Friday at 10:30 am to tell me they diagnosed it with the help of Honda's tech line and basically admitted that they haven't seen many hybrids so they utilize Honda's support on them. He said the problem was the IMA battery and Honda was sending a new one. He expected it Tuesday as Monday was Labor Day. He also said if it wasn't done Tuesday he would get me a rental car. He also made sure I was ok with leaving it with them over the weekend (their preference as it was disassembled). I didn't need the car over the weekend so this was fine for me.

The battery didn't come Tuesday so I picked up a rental (gas hog) Ford Focus. :) I got a call today (Wednesday) that the car was done and ready to go. I picked it up today all covered under warranty.

The invoice doesn't have very much information but here it is for your reference:

Cause: 03220
118014 IMA Battery Assembly - Replace
S/B# 00-070

FC: 03217
Part# 1D010-PHM-999RM

Also, for reference, S/B# 00-070 is as follows:

November 14, 2000

Applies To:
2000 and later Insight - ALL

IMA Battery Module In-Warranty Exchange Program


Any warranty repair on an IMA battery module requires the installation of a remanufactured IMA battery module. Any internal failure requiring IMA battery module disassembly qualifies for this program.

The IMA Battery Module warranty is 8 years or 80,000 miles, whichever comes first.

In warranty:
The normal warranty applies.

Out of warranty:
Any repair performed after warranty expiration may be eligible for goodwill consideration by the District Service Manager or your Zone Office. You must request consideration, and get a decision, before starting work.


Any comments anyone? I can't find a listing for this part number so I am not clear what they replaced exactly.

I am so glad to have my car back...


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Seems either their RO software needs updating or you need some additional parts :!:

See: ... php?t=1927

Honda Service Bulletin 04-028, May 25,2004 is the latest and greatest AFAIK (and in this case I may be wrong ;) ) but _my_ number supersedes yours. :p

The key here may be in the part number used. It is a remanufactured P.N. (RM)(as all IMA battery packs are, you don't need a new case for the batteries) but may include the MCM & BCM. And in your particular case if these parts were already the newer versions then no replacement is indicated.

I'd be nice to know for the group if you find out what's in that P.N. package please post back with the details :!: :!: :!:

HTH! :)

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Lucky you

Lucky you, with warranty repairs! Classic IMA failure though. Been there, done that (no warranty, but luck favored me as dealer fixed it!)
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