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A special Insight training...?

Man, I'd LOVE to see the Powerpoint on that little class.

A trained Jaws of Life handler will snip-snip the A pillar(s), peel back the roof, and extricate the driver/passenger of an upright vehicle in very little time. They can even extricate victims by popping the doors off when the vehicle has been overturned. Unless you've got a driver that's really augered him/herself deep into something, there's no reason to even think about going through the bottom-center of a car, and common sense (and all EMT guys I've ever had the pleasure to meet have common sense) would keep them from trying that, as they know any vehicle manufacturer (except maybe the maker of the Flintstone's car with a hole in the floor) routes gas and electrical either through the doorsills or the center.

I love the urban legend of the wires through the doors of hybrids, though. I never cease to be amused and amazed at the stoopidity of people... :lol:
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