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IMA battery makes Jaws of Life useless?

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Hey there. I'm 18 and lisenceless (hopefully not for too much longer though, *sigh*) but I've grown really interested in these Insights. My dad said something to me the other day, that the IMA battery has been electrocuting workers as they attempt to use the Jaws of Life to extract people from gas/electric cars.

I took what he said with a grain of salt, and this doesn't make much sense to me. I'm pretty sure he was just using his own judgement on this, and didn't actually read anything viable about it. He's a fanatic conservative and probably feels that hybrids are a threat to the gas industry. :roll:

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I recently had this same argument on the RX-7 Forum, and cleared up all the misconceptions. Head over to , and use the search function to search the "Lounge" for "hybrid danger". Should be easily found.
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