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The Insight is a 12 volt system. Actually the amperage of the Insight battery pack is not that much more than some really really big hi quality on the street 12V batteries - especially if you hook three of them in parallel to make sure your truck starts in a northern Canadian winter.

If the jaws of life have a problem with an Insight, then they are going to have a problem with regular Detroit iron, too. Not a lot of difference except that the Insight has better fuel tank (the gasoline part) protection BY FAR. The only thing I ever see in movies is all of those 'other' cars blowing up when they get hit, dropped, punched, rolled or shoved over a cliff. I've NEVER seen an Insight get blown up. Not even in Iraq. They keep showing smoking pictures of those big Hummers and there is a dangerous vehicle. Ask you dad about that one, huh?

(How come racing cars hitting walls at 200mph don't explode like the ones in the movies? I mean, all the track wrecks do is loose a few parts and sometimes spread fuel around that sometimes burns - no big bang, hmmmm SUV's gotta have a really bad design going for them, maybe).

What your dad is probably referring to is the current Urban Legend being passed around.

Concerned Insight drivers do, however, all wear alumium foil britches and hats to make sure the EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) from the frequent Auto Start does not destroy the current and future generations. Passengers don't have to worry 'cause the ignition switch is on the driver's side. :roll:
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