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I have had an Insight since 2000 and at my last service, December 07, the car was returned to me by Honda Brighton with the IMA battery knackered, it had gone in for a head light switch replacement! They told me it would cost £2700 for the replacement battery and installation, which came as a huge shock to me and still a year later I have not driven the car as I cannot afford that excessive cost. I have tried to get Honda UK to help me out with the costs, but they are having none of it. Which is a shame as in the US they are much more helpful when I've rung them!

Honda tell me that 3 of the 10 cells in the battery have given up which is why the battery as a whole will not work and without the battery I cannot as you know, drive the car as the IMA shares the main battery and the car does not have an alternator.

I contacted Peter Perkins though this forum to see if he could help having read his world of Insights through his Solar Van site I was hopeful. He indeed came to the rescue.
He offered to replace my battery with his second hand battery he had bought new from Honda only 2 years previously, he didn't need it as he was changing his over to Lithium. He took my old battery in part payment for the work and the replacement.

I had error codes of : 69-3 & P1600 (IMA failure) - 58 (charge/discharge balance problem) - 78 (battery model deterioration) P1449 - 66 (Battery module individual voltage input problem).
Cells 18 & 15, 16 & 5.

I was able to get the AA to take my car from Brighton Honda to Peters home in Yorkshire where he not only replaced the battery with a small amount of help from myself, but also gave me a list of things that were wrong on the car and also solutions to those problems and also ideas for getting more MPG out of the Insight.
I can say that Peter was extremely helpful, taking time over the proceeding weeks to email me regularly and made what had previously been a huge worry - £2700 for a replacement battery and associated work, which had been too costly for me; to sorting the whole thing out for roughly a quarter of Hondas price including fitting and a years guarantee.

As fellow lovers of his great car, I can recommend Peter to offer sound advice and a fair price for the job.

Thanks Peter - as he said, 'We Insight owners need to stick together'

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Thanks Bobby, that's very kind. I try to help fellow UK Insight owners with advice/hands on stuff if possible.

What mpg are you getting now? Have you had any further issues?

Bobbys car had been serviced by a UK Honda dealer and had a recent MOT. Just looking round it I noticed a few issues which did not instill confidence in them, and I also advised a few things as car had been stood for a year with U/S battery.

1) Engine had wrong oil in it 0w-40 or something
2) Earth straps were poor
3) Non OEM tyres :(
4) I advised change of coolant and oil
5) Advised test brake fluid
6) Wiper blades knackered
7) Wrong size 12v battery fitted
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