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I was on the forum last Fall, and one of the people on here (this forum) is a servicer at a hybrid shop in, I think, Costa Mesa. I went down there to have the grid charger cable installed, and I was going to leave it for the weekend, so they could assess my IMA battery's condition.

But, I had a problem renting a car that weekend, so I could not leave the Insight with them. Now, I can't find the address of the shop. I am pretty sure it was in Orange County, and they're a distributor/installation facility for grid chargers.

The mechanic I talked to is a poster on this board, and he had two Insights of his own that he showed to me.

Anyone here know what I'm talking about? I want to get the IMA battery checked.

Thanks in advance, Vic

UPDATE: I was looking over some old posts, and this was archived. His name is Scott (KLR3CYL), and the shop is in Covina. The shop is Jue Motors in Covina CA, Scott (KLR3CYL) and Jimmy are the mechanics. Scott is the one I remember talking to:

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