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IMA Motor Voltage

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I am somewhat confused as I try to figure out the battery Module/Motor Drive Module/ IMA Motor relationship. Obviously the battery is DC but according to the literature the MDM converts the DC to AC for the IMA motor. But the IMA motor literature says it is a DC motor. This just does'nt seem to work. Can anyone clarify this for me?

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I'm beginning to think of the electric motor less as a spinning motor and more as an armature that can be told to move to any of three positions. The electronic controls then tell it to turn one position farther than it already is, controlling the force with which it is shoved toward that position.

At idle, that is likely part of the design which smoothes the engine's operation by generating electricity during the power stroke, doing nothing at the bottom of the stroke, then boosting power on the compression stroke. Depending on the off-set of the crankshaft for the three pistons, this mechanical design could help this electronic timing problem.

The interaction of engineering considerations can sometimes make a beautiful puzzle.
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