Is anybody interested in buying all of my IMA parts? I don't see myself ever using them. I can do a complete inventory if anybody is seriously interested. The hoarder in me wants to keep it all, but maybe someone could actually make use of this stuff.

3 complete batteries in unknown condition and one in pieces
At least 3 IMA harnesses
Stack of MCMs and BCMs (at least 4 of each)
Complete and incomplete MDMs
Plenty of IMA compartment pieces/panels/brackets
Big orange cables
Styrofoam pieces
Meanwell LED power supplies for grid charging
And anything else that I'm forgetting. Pretty much anything from the back of an Insight.

The only parts I need to keep are the DC/DC converters.

I'd like to sell it all together. I don't want to ship! Located in two locations in New York, so it might take me some time to get it all together.

Will trade for a Miata! 😀