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IMA stopped working

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The IMA system stopped working on my car the other day. It has aorund 125000 miles on it. I still runs ok without the IMA. I called the dealer and he said that the car is running in Safe Mode. It is running like a regular car instead of a hybrid car. Since it is running okay can I drive the car in Safe Mode indefinitely without screwing up the car? Just curious if anyone knew the answer to that.
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I don't know tha answer to that, but I am curious about it. It seems that we get the best gas mileage by using the IMA as little as possible, so what kind of mileage could we get if we eliminated the weight of the batteries and do away with the IMA? I guess part of the success would be the charging system so I suppose your electric motor is still functioning as a generator to keep the 12V system alive. One of the replies to a post of mine made reference to that as the charging system. Do you know if it is a controller issue or battery pack?
Thanks and good luck with it.
I suspected as much. I think the major mileage success of the Insight is in the way we drive them. It takes energy to charge the batteries, and if the assist would come on early and allow us to keep in lean burn when climbing a hill instead of only when we mash the pedal some I think the efficiency would go way up. That would take a more sophisticated controller to do that though.
Way cool on getting the stuff for free.
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