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Hi all!

A few weeks ago I received a notice from Honda (SVC Bulletin 14-064) telling me that their records indicate that a product update had not been completed on my vehicle. I thought this was odd, as I had taken the car in for an oil and transmission fluid service the previous month, and I asked if all updates had been performed and they told me yes... everything is up to date and fine. I guess not.

Anyhow, previous to this product update notice arriving, I had been hearing a fan from the trunk area of the car. It was practically always running. As soon as the engine would auto-stop at red lights, I could hear that fan. The day after I receive this 14-064 notice, I am driving and the car flashes a "check IMA system" warning. Of course, the fan is going. When I get home, I plug in the ODBII and I see P1448. I grab the Honda SVC Bulletin notice and head to my dealer. They tell me they will update the software and look into the fan. Hour and a half later, the car is ready. They tell me the update fixed the issue. It's all good. Yay.

So, next day I drive to the store (a few miles down the road), and that fan is running. Hmm. Maybe this is just normal? So for the next few days I do my normal driving and I continue to hear this fan. Yesterday I get another "check IMA system" light while driving. Later that day I get back into the car and the check engine symbol is still lit. I drive a few miles down the road and stop for gas. I turn it back on, and the check engine light is no longer lit. No more IMA warning. Weird. I drive home... and yes, the fan is still running. No check engine light. I hook up the OBD scanner, and get another P1448.

Anybody else experience this issue? There is nothing in the trunk... nothing blocking the air vent for the battery at the back seat. I will return to the dealer... but I wanted to see if anybody here might have some experience with this?
It is a 2011 Insight with 78K miles. Thanks for any info!
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