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Before I purchased my Insight, I read all about MIMA and was quite excited about the ability to manually control the IMA system and REALLY liked that the plug and play design meant I would not have to hack up the car's wiring. Then I found Mike's website which stated that MIMA was no longer being sold. :( He states that MIMA2 will come eventually, though.

I hadn't found IMAC&C until a little while after, so my hopes of manual control were not lost yet! I'm still not certain if the LCD is part of the IMAC&C system, but I really like the LCD as a feedback source.

Maybe Mike, Peter or both will chime in here as well to help me make a decision and maybe give an idea of what the future holds. I'm not sure whether I should just go ahead and purchase IMAC&C, or wait until MIMA2 arrives before deciding.

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IMAC&C does have a a basic 16x2 LCD.
It displays some key IMA parameters, volts, amps, soc, bat temp etc and info on the IMAC&C functionality.

IMAC&C also allows you to flash out blink codes from all the car systems.

It does not control the battery fan, soc levels, or give access to the hundreds of OBD parameters available from the car,
you need an OBDIIC&C as well for that.

IMAC&C is available as per my posts and many have it installed often alongside an OBDIIC&C.

I'll never be offering a plug and play IMAC&C version as it is massively complicated and would triple the price.
Mike's is a great system and I'm sure Mk2 when it arrives will have lots of new features.

I suggest take a look at my special offers as well which run out at end of May.
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