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The "Silver Bullet" was in a car show the other week and while it didn't get a trophy, a lot of very interested individuals did stop by to have a close up look at what will surely be a historic vehicle. There was a 1941 Chrysler there - essentially in "show room" condition! You had to see that old gal to believe it!

Yes, I was questioned about plugging it it. No surprise there but one interesting item regarding the vehicle came up, repeatedly. While most people attending that car show probably knew more about cars than the average individual, and as most recognized the "Silver Bullet" on sight as a hybrid, the vast majority were under the mistaken impression that all it got was forty (40) or so MPG! The look on their faces when I told them that at the end of the day, if I had totaled only forty MPG, I considered that to be a "bad day" and as proof, I had my daily log book there as well as JPG of the instrument clusder from one of the most recent runs to Stroudsburg from the week before, a twenty four some mile run which repeatedly came to MPG readings in excess of ninety (90) - well, it was hot that week!

While I didn't win a trophy, there was another individua as well who didn't either but who really should have been given an award of some sort just his front license plate ...


Without question it was one of the better license plates I've ever seen.

Fred / Proud Owner of "The Silver Bullet"
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