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Eight days ago I ordered a Rostra cruise control kit from Brandon Distributing to go into Pod Car. At the time I was told that the RF control was out of stock, but would be in soon. I asked to have the rest of the parts shipped ahead so I could get on with the install.

On Wednesday evening I noticed that I still hadn't been billed. So on Thursday morning I called them up. Turns out that none of the kit had shipped. I explained that I had a trip coming up soon and wanted to get the kit installed before I left. Without anything else said, their representative offered to overnight the entire kit to me (the RF module had come in at this point). The next day it arrived on my front porch. At the moment it's 90% installed.

Everybody makes mistakes. Not everybody fixes them. If you're shopping for a cruise control, these guys are good to deal with. Their number is 763 241 4172

I'm not affiliated with them in any way. I'm just a very satisfied customer.

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