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Increase efficiency by disabling electric assist in steering

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This is for the traditionalists and the hard-core milleage freaks.
By removing the fuse of the electric assist power steering you will conserve battery power that would otherwise be used every time you turn the wheel. It also gives you better feel of what is going on between the road and the tires at higher speeds.

This is a very simple, quick and easy mod you can do in 20 seconds just before you drive to work tomorrow to feel it for yourself.

Open the hood.
Look for 40A power steering fuse as shown on fuse box decal.
Remove the 40A power steering fuse and store in your cup holder.
Drive the car and feel the real effort it takes to drive without power steering. :shock:

It's not that bad really, it feels firm during normal driving.
I first tried it an auto-x and it felt like I was wrestling a bear when turning fast at low speeds. But at higher speeds I had a better feel what the tires where doing. On the highway I drove home and it feel firm but nice.
I'll try it on and off a few times and decide what I prefer after a few days.

Tell me what you think after you try it.
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EPS wear

Hi Guillermo,
Good Idea, please let us know what type
of mileage numbers you get. About six months
ago I tried it for a few weeks but didn't notice
an appreciable difference. BUT, this was also
the during the time I was experiencing frequent
recal's ( sometimes 1 or 2 a day ). The engine
and tranny ground mod's cured that ( basicly
removed paint from all contact surfaces, what
a relief! ).
For the few weeks without the EPS I drove in
all conditions. Aside from the recal's ( which had
nothing to do with the EPS ) the car drove just
Wear. The EPS will have some gear reduction
for the DC stepper. This may cause some wear.
Still, from driving a few weeks with the fuse out
it didn't feel like I was having to use any undue
force to steer the car. Good call! Please let us
know how it works out. If good I'm ready to
pull that fuse again.
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