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I have had this post stuck in my brain for a while, thanks a LOT figgy. I may have been a little rash, I don't think you are loopy. The concept is slowly sinking into my hard head, and it's beginning to make sense.

For one, I was thinking about my next-door neighbor. We have barely said anything to each other in the 2 years since we moved in. You know how you can sense when someone is on a different wavelength? Well, I felt that big time. It's too bad, since his wife and mine do stuff and his kids and mine play together a lot. Their kids are the same age, gender, and even have the same names (yeah, bizzare, but true).
He seems OK in general, and works a lot, so I don't mean he is some sort of freak.

Anywho, he starts an exercise program, which is great. Well, he starts jogging some. There is a park about 1/2 mile from our houses with a running trail. So, on a clear warm day, what does he do: He DRIVES his car to the park, jogs, and DRIVES home! :shock:

His lifetime VMPG is hopeless...

I believe this concept (VMPG) can be applied to things other than just driving. Things in the general idea of conservation...

What can you do that reduces someone else's consumption, whether they know it or not???
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