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Hi all!
The Tour De Sol is on hiatus and in its place was the 21st Century Automotive Challenge. I made you guys proud. I have a CVT insight with a lifetime MPG of 48.8mpg. I know, utterly patheric. I was almost embarrassed to enter the event, but i am a member of the club that put on the event, so i felt like i had to. I practiced and my best mpg's leading up to race day was 64.4 mpg.

Well, to make a long story short, I won the competition with a MPG of 78.8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)
156 miles, 1.978 gallons of fuel
Wow x a million.

I was thoroughly impressed with some of the Prius'es who got mileage in the upper 60's. For the first half, one Prius got 73mpg, but not so good on the second half. I guess i never researched Prius hypermilers!

here is a news story on the event

here are my two trophies to prove i actually won! ... 000401.jpg

my insight is on the right ... 000329.jpg

electric truck convert ... 000308.jpg

West Philly High's biodeisel converts, the front one is kit car ... 000377.jpg
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