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Hi All:

___A hopeful future Insighter here ...

___One of the items I use with success on our 03 Acura MDX and 03 Corolla LE w/ Auto is to accelerate and run on cruise as soon as I achieve > 25 mph. I still can’t explain it but on the MDX in cruise (it has an electronic - throttle by wire), I see ~ 2.5 mpg increase on the instantaneous graph throughout the acceleration and steady state speeds vs. my own manual capabilities. The MDX has instantaneous and total mpg readouts which I use as the guide. Another way in which I try to keep the MDX’s mileage up while traversing small hills is tapping the DEC button just before the X is about to downshift. I do this again and again as needed to keep from downshifting. On some shorter length low grade hills, I achieve better mpg up the hill then I would have over a similar flat distance albeit I am I am moving at a much slower speed at its crest. I then use ACC to accelerate back to my steady state of 62- 65 mph on the downhill side. With that, I have adopted similar driving techniques for the Corolla and have achieved beyond EPA estimates in the process as well.

___Here is my actual question to those with an aftermarket cruise control installed on your own Insight. I was wondering if you have used a similar technique and have seen similar results with cruise? I was just wondering given my normal everyday commute is huge and without cruise, it would be that much more unpleasant to say the least ...

___I also want to thank all who have provided tips on tire pressure. I increased the Corolla’s tire pressure from 32 #’s to 37 #’s and beat my all time best (44.20 mpg over 610 miles) by .34 mpg (44.54 mpg over 580.9 miles) just this morning. I filled up the tires last night with only 180.3 of the 580.9 miles at the new higher pressure. The Corolla sure did coast further and faster at the higher pressures! The tires are rated for 44#’s so I might just bump them up another 2 or 3 #’s. I can’t wait until my next 3 sets of commutes to punch out an all time > 45 mpg high I hope.

___Thanks in advance.

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:2187u83c][email protected][/email:2187u83c]

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Like nnielsen, we have a cruise in our CVT, and I find the mileage is almost as good with the cruise as I can do with a feather foot. I can still beat it by a few mpg, but usually I'm too lazy to work that hard in town. :roll: Don't laugh at me 'til you get to be old and lazy too :wink: ...

Our cruise is a Rostra cruise, not installed by me but by a distributor (alarm/stereo outfit, since out-of-business, dammit)... works coool...
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