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I took my Insight for its MoT Test (annual Government inspection) today, the first one I have had to do since I bought it. New legislation means that the tests are thorough but my Insight passed with flying colours.

People waiting at the garage soon took notice of my "digital" car and paid it lots of attention (probably helped by their boredom and the "My car sips petrol, Yours sucks!" logo on the back).

Anyway I thought I'd share with you that the exhaust emissions test machine could not read any emissions from my tailpipe. :D The mechanics had to resort to revving the engine to about 5,000 rpm to get a reading and even then the readings were near zero. As I was leaving, the mechanic said "There is just fresh air coming out of the back of that thing!".....once again there are now a few more people better informed.
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The Silver Streaker said:
Although I am aware that "My car sips petrol, Yours sucks!" logo is a bit excessive,
The problem is that the average person is dumb, and would not "get it". They would think you're insulting their car, and not make the connection between "sips gas" and "sucks gas". IMHO, a better version would be:

My Car Sips Gas
Yours Sucks (gas)!

...for the people who are slow-witted.
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