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Insight Bike Rack?

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Hi again from a newbee. I have taken to calling my Insight MT the Power Puff. Just LOVE that car! I travel on Central Pennsylvania's mountain roads and I am getting 60 to 65 mpg (thanks to the very useful tips on this site).
Anyway, does anyone have a recommendation for a rear mount bike rack that works for the Insight. The Honda dealership does not have a clue and looked at me sort of funny for asking. But since the Insight is my only vehicle I do need to figure out how to transport two bikes.
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I had an inch and a quarter (1-1/4") receiver installed on my Insight by HitchCrafters in Costa Mesa, CA. No electrics added since we're not going to pull a trailer.

They did a very clean job, and we put both bikes on our rack (Hollywood Pro Rider) for lots of out-of-town bike rides, i.e. centuries and double centuries.

Yes, it does mess up the aerodynamics to have the bikes back there, and our mpg goes down about 4 mpg. In our case these are both light road bikes, one with an aluminum frame, one titanium.

Best Regs,
2004 CVT
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