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Insight Bike Rack?

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Hi again from a newbee. I have taken to calling my Insight MT the Power Puff. Just LOVE that car! I travel on Central Pennsylvania's mountain roads and I am getting 60 to 65 mpg (thanks to the very useful tips on this site).
Anyway, does anyone have a recommendation for a rear mount bike rack that works for the Insight. The Honda dealership does not have a clue and looked at me sort of funny for asking. But since the Insight is my only vehicle I do need to figure out how to transport two bikes.
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Hi psuinsight,
There's a ton of info on roof and bike racks. You can access these by going to Search (under the IC Forum logo) and typing in key words.

Here is one post for example: ... ck&start=0

If you click on the InsightPack home page buttons in the post above you will get pictures (worth 10 exp3 words) showing the rack modifications in action.

Best regards!
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