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Insight Bike Rack?

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Hi again from a newbee. I have taken to calling my Insight MT the Power Puff. Just LOVE that car! I travel on Central Pennsylvania's mountain roads and I am getting 60 to 65 mpg (thanks to the very useful tips on this site).
Anyway, does anyone have a recommendation for a rear mount bike rack that works for the Insight. The Honda dealership does not have a clue and looked at me sort of funny for asking. But since the Insight is my only vehicle I do need to figure out how to transport two bikes.
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Some people are a bit braver than I. A modification to my brand new Power Puff seems too extreme for me.
The Saris roof rack system looks do-able. There is a local bike shop in town I plan to visit who carries the Saris bike racks. I will post the results of my visit.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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