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Hey guys!

Australian Insight owner here,
A few months ago the CVFT alert popped up on my screen, so I followed up with Honda and they confirmed it was just to remind me of my upcoming service (I bought the car in April, so it was my first service with the car). I took the car to a mechanic who checked the CVTF and deemed it well enough to use until the next service next year, however the alert wasn't turned off.
The other day I was driving home and a new alert popped up: 'CVTF -100km'.
I checked my CVTF and it still has a decent smell, has no debris or contamination and is still that light golden/brown colour, as well as being full.

Can anyone tell me specifically what this alert means? I'm guessing it means I need to replace it within 100kms, however if it is something more than this I would really like to know, as I plan to do a 800km trip in about a weeks time!
Also, is there a way to turn the alert off? I could make the first alert disappear by scrolling through the info panel, but this one is constant.

Thanks guys!
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