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Insight driving in the North East

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Hi all
Frist off I want to thank you for making this site what it is. It is comforting to know such a knowledgable and active community exists. If only the rest of world would own an Insight.

Anyway I currently reside outside of Phoenix and I am being relocated to Rochester New York this winter. I am weary of driving the insight on frigid, icy roads. I was wondering if anyone owns an Insight in the northeast and whether they had any advice to winterizing the Insight (ie snowtires?). If anyone has any experience driving the car in those conditions I would appreciate your feedback. :D

'01 5sp
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Unique to the Insight is the plastic underbody paneling and the panels over the rear wheels. There have been reports of snow damaging or removing those panels from a few people, easily repaired or replaced. Usually happens in deeper snow.

Other than that the Insight handles snow/ice just like any other front wheel drive car. Drive safe and think about winter/snow tires, or chains/studs, depending on where you live, what roads you drive, whether or not they're treated/salted/plowed.

P.S. I did not have any problems during the winter of 2002/2003 on Cape Cod, MA. Lots of snow that year.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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