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Insight Envy?

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This evening I was tailgated by an H2 at an intersection. The Hummer must have been six inches or less from my rear bumper (hope his collision insurance is good :twisted: ). Followed me for awhile, although not so close.

I know - don't judge a book by it's cover, but why do I suspect the guy behind me might have an issue with me? A few drivers in Dallas do that to me, and they tend to have engines in the 5-liter range.

Just an observation...
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My Beloved, back when she was young and foolish, had a Vega. :oops:

Traded it in on a brand-new Monza. :cry:

Traded that in on a Renault Alliance (you may notice a distinct downhill trend by now). :shock:

After being a three-time loser car-wise, she let me buy her a Subaru GL. She was soooo grateful she married me 18 years ago. :D

And now that we have an Insight, she loves me sooooo much I could probably get away with a lot more than I do. :lol:

Dallas drivers are awful. I get to travel all over the country, and I have probably driven in the 100 largest cities at one time or another. So I can tell you, with no fear of doubt, that except for Los Angeles drivers, we have the worst, rudest human beings maneuvering automobiles on the continent. I love xcel's Coke can vengeance, but here in Big D, that'd probably get me shot... :twisted:
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1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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