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Insight Envy?

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This evening I was tailgated by an H2 at an intersection. The Hummer must have been six inches or less from my rear bumper (hope his collision insurance is good :twisted: ). Followed me for awhile, although not so close.

I know - don't judge a book by it's cover, but why do I suspect the guy behind me might have an issue with me? A few drivers in Dallas do that to me, and they tend to have engines in the 5-liter range.

Just an observation...
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I have noticed this in the Chicago suburbs quite often. SUV's are quite predominant up here and though their drivers are not as agressive, I have received some tailgating and dirty looks.

I kind of feel bad for them, knowing that they are going to have to fill up a 20 gallon tank twice a week, but if they can afford the giant mass of steel they can afford the gas.
Aaron Cake said:
If you're really nasty, toss a handful of BBs out the window. ;)
Or a booger. Theres nothing like the look on a tailgaters face when a big juicy goober smacks into the windshield. :twisted:
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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