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This evening I was tailgated by an H2 at an intersection. The Hummer must have been six inches or less from my rear bumper (hope his collision insurance is good :twisted: ). Followed me for awhile, although not so close.

I know - don't judge a book by it's cover, but why do I suspect the guy behind me might have an issue with me? A few drivers in Dallas do that to me, and they tend to have engines in the 5-liter range.

Just an observation...
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Re: Mem-mo-reeeeees...

boogetyboogety said:
Dallas drivers are awful. I get to travel all over the country, and I have probably driven in the 100 largest cities at one time or another. So I can tell you, with no fear of doubt, that except for Los Angeles drivers, we have the worst, rudest human beings maneuvering automobiles on the continent.
Thank you for backing me up, along with a couple of other Dallas folks.

Think there are a number of factors:

  • The Dallas area is spread-out, with long commutes[/*:m:1vj2kao4]
  • The police has NEVER been serious about enforcing the speed limit on the freeways. The do at school zones. I just don't understand cash-strapped communities ignoring the revenue freeway speeding tickets could bring.[/*:m:1vj2kao4]
  • The over-competiveness of the workplace extends to the freeways. I remember interviews during the 1980's of everyone asking if I was AGRESSIVE. This was back when Ross Perot was running EDS and everyone else in Dallas tried to emulate that atmosphere. Sixty-hour plus work weeks, rigid environment, time off-hours maybe enough to eat, sleep go to the cleaners... :roll: EDS had a high turnaround for a good reason.[/*:m:1vj2kao4]
  • Parodoxially, non-professionals that that get their kicks driving like a maniac

All these tend to contribute to the atmosphere[/list][/list]
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Just when I thought Dallas-area drivers had done everything - suprize!

Did three hours of overtime - past tonight's rush hour. Fortunately my car was parked forward to avoid backing out into the lot. I was about to drive out and very nearly hit a Honda Accord doing 30 mph. Cutting through the parking lot to avoid the traffic light is not worth it even if the parking lot is empty.

I would not want to linger, but it would be interesting to get into the mind of such people acting like animals.
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