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Insight featured at elementary school car show!

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Okay, so that's hardly an attention-grabbing headline. But I just got back from my son's elementary school car show. One of the fifth grade teachers had his science class do a unit on engineering, and used cars as his examples. The kids built cars of their own, powered by balloons, as part of the class. To finish it off, the teacher invited parents in the school with cars "of engineering significance" to bring them to the show.

So I brought my Insight -- and made up some of the business-card sized handouts I found elsewhere on this site (thanks to whoever came up with them; I was the only one with something the kids could take away with them). There were a bunch of interesting cars, including a Model T, a Model A, some muscle cars, and some exotics.

I got a pretty good reaction from the older kids, who thought the whole battery thing was interesting. Unfortunately, I ended up parked next to a beautiful hand-built bright metallic blue 1950s design Scarab race car. The kids would walk up to me, say "What's a hyb... Whoa! Cool!" and they'd run over to the Scarab. Fair enough, that's what I did, too. :D

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OK, so the Model T's and such are interesting from an engineering standpoint if you consider the advent of production line manufacturing, and some of the other cars for various other reasons, but I don't think any of the crowd can compare to the Insight for pure engineering innovation!

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