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Insight GPS Nav/TV System Pics

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For those that are interested in how the Japanese GPS/TV/CD-Changer system looks like. Have a couple pics uploaded on my server.

Pics are from Christian Whitley's '99 Insight (Japan Imported). Originally sent the pics to me at a resolution of 2048x1536 (!!!). Scaled it down to 800x600 to make it more bandwidth friendly. If anyone wants high res pics, let Chris or me know.

Wonder if the US Insight can be converted... :D
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I use a Streetpilot 3. I have the following comments.

Portable multicar use
cheaper than any OEM system
Has voice directions so you can watch the road
Great contrast in sunlight
The display automatically dims at sunset calculated from your location (not time zone)
Recalculation function is great. If you leave the route (accident, wrong turn etc, it automatically recalculates a new route)

Portable so it has wires hanging
speaker volume could be a lot louder (amplification not recommended by garmin)
Could be faster at the calculations.

So I like the look of the OEM systems but not the location. TO me a display needs to be at eye level. If you are looking down for directions you might rear end a car in dense traffic. It would be great if there was a pop-up design on the steering column or dash. You could rase it when you need information and then keep it out of the way when you don't. Have fun

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Streetpilot 3

I bought mine on ebay from a avionics company (They were about 80-100 cheaper than most of the cheaper online sites). In regards to pictures mine is not built in. I put it in the car when I need it and it has a wire that plugs into the acc socket. The builtin antenna seams to work fine but you can get a magnetic external antenna (a lot of good that will do us) if you want to use it on steel cars. Have fun
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