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Insight GPS Nav/TV System Pics

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For those that are interested in how the Japanese GPS/TV/CD-Changer system looks like. Have a couple pics uploaded on my server.

Pics are from Christian Whitley's '99 Insight (Japan Imported). Originally sent the pics to me at a resolution of 2048x1536 (!!!). Scaled it down to 800x600 to make it more bandwidth friendly. If anyone wants high res pics, let Chris or me know.

Wonder if the US Insight can be converted... :D
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hehehe. I'm getting married next year and my cousin lives in Australia but his long-time girlfriend now lives in Japan. They both promised to come to my wedding, and she'll be coming from Japan. Maybe I should have her purchase some seat covers and some components for the car before she comes over. :)

Just thought of that idea. Sounds quite interesting. Seriously though, if she can afford some extra room (I'll ask) I may be able to get 5 or more seat covers and a few other items that she can bring over. If we all got together a list of what we needed I could email her now and maybe she can send it in a box to one of our addresses for distrubution. It would be quicker than my wedding date of June of 04
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