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I want to call out this forum for being very helpful as i have navigated my Insight ownership. I bought a 2001 AT with 180,000 miles about year ago. Good condition, not great, pretty well taken care of, in need of basic maintenance and TLC. My list of repairs and maintenance are:
- Changed Trans Fluid (Honda brand)
- Changed Coolant (Honda brand)
- Changed (Honda brand)
- Changed Spark Plugs (NKG)
- Replaced rear springs (sourced from Scott Kulbeck
- Replaced rear shocks (Monroe 5752, racecar mod to install)
- Replaced front struts (Honda brand)
- Replaced missing underbelly pan (sourced from Scott Kulbeck)
- Replaced broken hatch latch part (sourced on this forum)
- Replaced leaking moulding clips (wet seatbelt fix)
- Replaced pass side mirror glass (Honda brand)
- Installed aux cord on factory radio (to connect phone)
- Removed and painted chipped winshield moulding, door window moulding, and side mirror black parts (black bedliner paint worked great)

Bottom line is the car now runs and drives great, new springs and shocks brought the rear ride-height back to comfortable, takes all bumps great now, even with a passenger, new struts has eliminated bottoming out and strange creaks, corners great, and no more wet seatbelts or water in trunk-well. I just wanted to say "thank you" for all the hundreds of posts I have read and parts I have sourced. I continue to have fun with my gen-1 Insight!
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