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Insight logo on a shirt

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There was a topic about possible InsightCentral or Insight logo on a shirt. This could have been usefull when showing up in a TV show, news, or something.
Like for Windmill in the Netherlands

I contacted a local sewing store where they have an electronic sewing machine and they said they can do anything.

I have posted my result on a free web page (they add advertizing on top) for there are two images:
[edited] Prices are in Canadian dollars and the logos where taken arbitrarely for price approximation

Basically, when there is more than plain letters, there is a price for making a .PES file for use as patern by the sewing machine. The prices are not exact as the real person that does the work was not present

Note that the person persent told me that they can do the images exactly as seen (WYSIWYG). I was impressed but the price goes along with it.

So there are prices for creating the special file and prices for the sewing accordingly. I will update the web page with the result.

The PES file is only ncessary for non characters. The files could be shared on the net for anybody to create a shirt locally.
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OK, count me in !!!
Just let me know when :wink:
Sorry to revive an old thread but I figured it's better than posting a new one and adding clutter. Perhaps one of you might want one.

Found Insight T-shirts and stickers when a friend linked me a site Doug Demuro get's his car shirts from.

They have other vehicles as well. I ordered a maroon shirt and a sticker. Will let you know how it is when it arrives!
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