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Insight look-alike achieves 140mpg!

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The car shown below is the UFE-II (Ultra Fuel Efficient), developed by Daihatsu (a sub-brand of Toyota), to act as a showcase for what is achievable with Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system. Unveiled at last years Tokyo Motorshow, the UFE-II achieved a remarkable 60km/litre on the Japan 10-15 mode drive cycle, which is equivalent to 140mpg (170mpg, UK)!

The drivetrain is a 660cc Atkinson cycle petrol engine mated to two electric motors and a nickel-metal hydride battery – so is likely to be a scaled down version of the system used in the Prius. The body is made of aluminum and resin, such that the entire vehicle weighs only 570 Kg. This is a remarkable achievement in itself, as the UFE-II has been designed to seat 4 adults!

Of particular interest, however, is the aerodynamic coefficient, which at 0.19 is the lowest seen on any road car since general motors EV1.

Aircraft designers and aerodynamicists have a saying “If it looks right, it’ll fly right.” To my eyes at least, for a 4-seater car, this has to be as good as it gets! 8)
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clett said:
It's called a Kamm tail. THe Insight has one too. Some designers found a while back that past a certain point, there wasn't much to be gained from tapering the tear-drop shape all the way back. If the shape stops abruptly, for some reason the airflow beyond the rear still stays fairly laminar, and hence drag doesn't suffer too much. Pretty handy!
"a while back".... was in the 1930s; and.. "some designers" was Wunibald Kamm
Some cars:
-Audi Quattro
-Audi 100 (5000 or 10000??) Avant
-Audi A2
-Honda CRX
-Honda Insight
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