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Insight Maintenance Manual

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I would like to start doing some of my own work on my Insight. Can someone tell me which manuals to get and how much I will be spending for the manuals.
Thanks, Jackson
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The body manual probably isn't worth it. Mostly it's about how the factory assembles the cars, where the spot welds go, etc.

The regular manual is good, but not great. It would be nice if somebody like Haynes would do one, but with such a low volume car it seems unlikely...
Speaking of spot welds, I was looking under the covers in the back and found several places where there were hand-written (felt marker) circles and Xes and arrows. Looks like the spot welding is done by hand and the inspector found a few places where they missed the first time through...

I feel so rich owning a hand-made all aluminum car. Who cares about fuel economy, I own an exotic! 8)
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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